December 2022


If your dog is struggling with digestive issues, you may be considering all types of treatments to help them feel better. One option that more and more pet owners are turning to is CBD products. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive combination found in hemp plants that has become increasingly popular for its potential therapeutic benefits. In this article, we’ll explore the potential benefits of using CBD products to treat digestive problems in dogs. Check

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants like hemp. Unlike THC, which produces the “high” effect associated with marijuana use, CBD doesn’t have any mind-altering effects. Instead, it’s thought to offer therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and stress relief. For this reason, many pet owners are starting to look into using CBD products on their dogs to potentially reduce discomfort and improve overall wellbeing.

How Can CBD Help Digestive Problems?

CBD products can potentially help digestive problems in two ways: by reducing inflammation and by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). When it comes to inflammation, research suggests that CBD may be able to reduce inflammation associated with certain conditions.

When it comes to the ECS, cannabinoids like CBD interact with receptors throughout our bodies – including those located in our digestive system – which can potentially help regulate digestion and reduce discomfort associated with digestive issues like nausea or vomiting.

Should I Give My Dog Human CBD Products?

No! Human and pets should not use the same type of product because human formulations are too strong for dogs and could cause harm if ingested in high doses. If you’re thinking about giving your dog a CBD product, make sure that it’s specifically made for pets or animals – otherwise you could be putting them at risk of an overdose or other negative side effects.

It’s also important to talk to your vet before giving your pup any kind of supplement or medication as they may suggest an alternative treatment plan depending on their condition and other factors such as their age or weight.

Is There Any Risk Associated With Using Pet-Specific Products?

Yes – just like any other medication or supplement there can be risks associated with using pet-specific products so it’s important that you read up on potential side effects before giving your pup a dose of CBD oil or treats. Some common side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness or sedation, low blood pressure, changes in appetite/weight gain/weight loss etc., so make sure you monitor your pup closely after giving them a dose of these products and contact your vet immediately if you notice any unusual behavior or reactions.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately though if used correctly these products could potentially provide some much-needed relief for pups struggling with various forms of GI distress so explore all options available before deciding what’s best for your furry friend!

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